How To Choose Between A Ceramic And An Infrared Space Heater


Rather than utilizing expensive forms of energy such as gas or oil, a much more affordable way to heat your home can be done using a space heater.

There are two distinct kinds of space heaters that you are going to be able to utilize which both operate in much of the same way.

However, there are fundamental differences between the two that distinguish themselves from one another. Below, we will be going over some of the advantages of each, and we will be going over which one you might want to opt for.

Infrared Heaters:

1. Invisible Light.

Much like the sun, infrared heaters create heat that is invisible to our naked eye.

This invisible light ultimately gets absorbed by our skin, objects, and even our clothing. This is ultimately how various things around an infrared heater warm up.

Because these types of heaters emit rays that are absorbed by things, it can increase the entire surrounding where the heater is placed. As a result, it is likely going to be a better option to go with if you are looking to heat a particular space rather than a spot.

This can work very well for larger rooms.

2. Instantly.

Another advantage of these kinds of heaters is that it can work immediately rather than having to heat up. Because they emit a precise beam that can be thrown out instantly, you do not have to wait for your heater to begin warming up to get used from it. Whereas, ordinary heaters that have to warm up before you start to feel the heat, you will not have to with this kind of heater.

Therefore, if you are someone that values instant results, this is likely the heater that you will want to go with.

3. Silent.

Another good thing about these heaters is the fact that they are completely silent.

These heaters work without making a sound because they do not require any fan to operate. As a result, they are completely silent as a result of not having any moving parts inside of the unit.

All it does it emit light.

Therefore, this is a great option for those that are looking for a heater that is going to be undetectable in a room. For instance, if you are looking for a heater for your bedroom and you are sensitive to noise, this is going to be one of the better options to consider.

4. Do Not Reduce Humidity.

Another good thing about this particular heater is that it does not do anything but emit light.

As a result, it is not going to impact the amount of humidity in a room negatively. You will be able to get the same kind of heat without having to worry about the air becoming way too dry.

Ceramic Heaters:

1. Lower Risk Of Fire.

One of the biggest benefits of ceramic heaters is the fact that they are going to pose a much lower risk of being a fire hazard. Because these heaters do not get overheated, there is going to be a much lower overall risk of surrounding things catching on fire.

2. Safer For Children.

Along with these heaters having a low risk for catching on fire compared to other space heaters, these kinds of heaters are going to be much safer to have around children.

With any space heater, you are going to have a high risk of burns or scolding if someone accidentally touches the heater. However, ceramic heaters are going to be much safer in this regard because the heating elements remain relatively cool to the touch.

Therefore, if you touch the heating element or someone accidentally bumps into it, it is not likely to cause significant burns.

Overall, there are a lot of different advantages to each kind of space heater. We also recommend you read this Ceramic vs infrared heating article on – Energy Saving Mobile Electic Room Heaters to select the right model and make for you.

The Energy efficient space heater blog can also be helpful

The price difference of the two is likely going to be one of the major differentiating factors that are going to make or break your decision. Along with this, you will want to try to find one that that is going to work best for your particular use case scenario such as whether you want it for a large room or a smaller room.