7 Tips for Storing Vape Juice


Vape juice or e-liquid is a delicate substance and it contains flavoring additives such as Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin, etc. So, treat your vape juice with care.

Vape juice usually lasts for between 1 to 2 years, so it expires within 1-2 years. Avoid expired vape juice because it is unsafe to consume. It has lost its key components, so it has lost its flavor. And the nicotine stimulation deteriorates when the vape juice expires.

How do you slow down the expiration of vape juice? You safely store it. However, most vapers do not know how to properly store their e-juice. A freezer is great for storing vape juices for a long time. Don’t have anything to store yet, take a look here.

In this article, you will learn the best tips for storing vape juice.

Select Good Storage Spot

Store your vape juice in a good place. Why? It helps to keep the liquid fresh. Make sure your e-liquid sits in a dark, cool, and dry place. For example, you can store it in a drawer, cupboard, or a box.

Store it in a place you will not forget, especially if you are storing it for a long time.

In addition, store in a place that is easy to access. However, it should not be out in the open because air, light, and heat affect vape juice. If possible, buy a small box for storing your vape juice.

Store it in a Glass Container

A glass container is great for storing vape juice for a long time. Glass container is much better than a plastic container because the plastic may interact with vape juice.

If the plastic interacts with your vape juice, the bottle leaches altering the taste of the vape juice. In addition, a plastic container is a permeable container, so it lets air pass through. The air affects the vape juice. So, store your vape juice in a glass container.

However, plastic containers are great for storing e-liquid for a short time. If you use your vape juice daily, you can keep them in a plastic container.

Seal the Bottle

As mentioned above, air affects vape juice. Make sure your glass container is properly sealed. Transfer the e-liquid carefully from one glass container to another. If air slips into the container, it will degrade your vape juice.

If possible, buy several small glass bottles. Then, store the vape juice in these small bottles because air slips into giant bottles easily.

A properly sealed glass bottle extends the shelf life of the vape juice. And the vape juice does not lose its taste.

Keep Your Vape Juice Away from Heat

Keep your vape juice away from heat, especially if you want to store it for a long time. Do not just protect your vape from UV rays. You should also protect it from heat. Why? Because heat affects the components of the e-liquid.

Vape juice becomes unstable and runny when it touches 100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, keep your e-liquid away from heat.

To understand this better, when you heat a liquid, the molecules gain more energy. So, they start interacting with other molecules and some molecules disintegrate into smaller elements.

Therefore, exposing your vape juice to a lot of heat changes the taste of the vape juice by altering the flavors elements of the liquid.

Do Not Store Vape Juice in Your Vehicle or Mailbox

Vehicles and mailboxes are made from metal, so they are like a solar oven. Temperatures inside vehicles or mailboxes are very high. Storing your vape juice in your vehicle or mailbox is like storing it inside an oven.

If you store the vape juice inside your mailbox or vehicle, it may turn your vape juice into a molten smudge. And they can completely destroy your vape juice. That is why it is important to keep your vape juice away from direct light and heat.

Store it in a Refrigerator

If you want to store the vape juice for longer periods, refrigerate it because refrigeration helps to stop bacteria activity. How? Molecules do not react with each other in cold temperatures.

Also, you can store your vape juice in a freezer because the juice does not freeze to a solid mass.

However, freezing may reduce the strength of the flavor in your vape juice. In addition, the juice thickens up when you store it in a freezer or refrigerator. When you want to use it, you must bring it down to room temperature.

Keep Your Vape Juice Away from Children and Pets

Last, but not least, keep the vape juice away from your pets and children. Most vape juices come with childproof caps. However, they are not completely safe because most kids are inquisitive. So, store your vape juice in a place that is out of reach of your children and pets.

For example, you can store it in a high cupboard.

By the way, your children or pets may consume the vape juice directly if they find it. And you know vape juice contains nicotine, which is flammable. Also, vape juice can be poisonous if you consume it directly.

These are the top 7 tips for storing vape juice. Store your vape juice properly if you do not want the vape juice to lose its flavor. Storing e-liquid properly increases its lifespan. If you follow the tips in this article, your vape juice will last for a long time.